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Chapter 1 A


Desir Arman stood upon the ruins of a fallen city. For three generations, the city of Freinopple was well known for its beauty, but it was now destroyed beyond recognition. The beauty it once held before was nowhere to be seen.

Desir drew out a long sigh, as he focused his attention upon the gigantic beast that stood before him. It was the Meteor Rank Destruction Dragon, Brohmier Napolitan.

The shimmering essence of the dragon magic burned as strongly as the sun, as Brohmier Napolitan stared menacingly at the 100 magicians that gathered before him.

“How dare you mere humans stand before my path,” growled Napolitan.

Napolitan’s voice was as deep as an abyss and held a threatening tone that would strike fear into the hearts of many. However, not a single survivor cowered before him.

“This is the end, Napolitan,” Desir announced.

At the end of h.e.l.l, reside the Shadow Labyrinths. These labyrinths come from the Shadow World, and they are the ultimate threat that mankind must face. Within this twisted world, Desir Arman had witnessed the countless deaths of his loved ones.

For many years, Desir Arman was trapped within the Shadow World along with his cla.s.smates, his lover, and his juniors that followed him with adoration. There were also plenty of other people who were trapped within the Shadow World, and although he did not know these people personally, he still knew them well. However, this world had claimed all of their lives.

Every pa.s.sing day was a fight for survival. The Army of the Dark that came during nightfall would wreak havoc and destruction, causing many deaths. In these darkest hours, people found comfort in repeating their fallen comrades' names, as it reminded them that they needed to survive and fight for their fallen comrades’ sake.

The Shadow World began 10 years prior, and the millions of people that were within this world had eventually dwindled down until only 100 survivors remained.

A single cry was heard in the distance. Hearing this cry, the last remaining survivors rekindled their desire to survive once more.

“I will slay you, and finally leave this h.e.l.lish place forever!”

The dragon, Brohmier Napolitan unleashed his [Fire Blast] onto the battlefield.

This was a battle that would be carried on in legends.

Napolitan’s dragon magic relentlessly hammered down upon the survivors, as they desperately tried to fight back.

The once beautiful city of the desert crumbled to dust, as the sheer magnitude of the battle caused the Earth to tremble, and the Heavens to split. The Ultimate Defensive Barrier that the magicians had set up prior to the battle was completely decimated. The ancient artifacts that reinforced their magic were also destroyed and became unusable.

For many years, against all odds, the survivors had fought and overcame numerous hopeless battles. But the enemy that stood before them today truly felt like an insurmountable wall which they could never prevail over. As the hours went by, they found themselves falling deeper and deeper into a hole, as their numbers slowly decreased.

But even still, the survivors refused to give up, as they held on with their iron will.

The survivors knew there was no place for them to escape or seek shelter. They knew that if they did not defeat the dragon which stood before them, it would spell the end of the world and humanity as they know it.

The last remaining survivors put everything on the line as they continued to face their ultimate challenge. One-by-one, as the survivors continued to fall, the remaining ones took on the will of their fallen comrades to fortify their own once more. It was because of sheer willpower and determination that a miracle was born.

“The first magic! I have finished a.n.a.lyzing the magic pattern for the [Absolute Zero] magic. In 8 minutes, after activating [Elonio’s System of Inversion], the dragon’s magic will be sealed!”

“I have also finished a.n.a.lyzing the magic pattern for the [Spine Destruction] magic! Focus your attacks on the spine!”

“You filthy humans!” roared Napolitan.


An ear-splitting explosion was heard throughout the battlefield, as Napolitan unleashed a barrage of powerful spells in all directions.

The force of the explosions crashed towards the survivors like a flood from a tidal wave. However, the force of the magic was significantly weaker than the first time.

Napolitan, who, at first, seemed like an impregnable fortress, had started to feel the attacks from the survivors and his attacks slowly faltered.

“I have finished a.n.a.lyzing the magic pattern for the thirteenth magic. I have sealed off the [Solar Gravitational Force] magic!”

“Napolitan is going to be using the [Fire Breath] magic! This is an offensive magic that discharges a giant vortex of fire! Mages, try your best to disperse this magic as best as you can! Meanwhile, the people in the front lines will need to get into a square formation! Anyone who suffers major damage will need to flee to the side!”


Everytime Napolitan attacked the survivors, more of Napolitan’s dragon magic was a.n.a.lyzed. One-by-one, the dragon’s magic was slowly sealed, while the survivors tried their best to continuously maintain their defensive formations. Eventually, the survivors overcame Napolitan’s mighty strength.

“H-How… How is this possible?! How did I lose to just mere humans?!” roared Napolitan.

“I have finished a.n.a.lyzing his final magic! All of the Dragon’s magic has been sealed off!”

“Now is your chance! Attack him with all that you’ve got, and vanquish the Dragon!”

“T-This can’t be happening to me!” howled Napolitan.


Napolitan, unable to utilize his magic, was finally defeated by the survivors. Victory was finally in their grasps, as the Destruction Dragon Napolitan collapsed to the ground.

It was finally over.

Or so it seemed…..

Translated by: Raining Black

Edited by: Dezzter & MarieOanna

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