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Chapter 8 The arrogant Wei Cheng (a)

Half a month later, the annual military compet.i.tion took place in the Red Flame Army.

On the surface, it was a compet.i.tion of the strength of all the soldiers in the Red Flame Army. In fact, this was a time for Red Flame Army to change its officers.

The military regulation required that officer's position should be directly linked to his personal strength rather than his past victories. This didn't look reasonable. It was more reasonable to link officer's positions to their past victories.

In fact, the military wanted to develop and select talents this way. With more victories, one could get more cultivation resources, which naturally boosted up his strength. But there were also people whose talent was not enough for cultivation, even with the help of cultivation resources.

The military compet.i.tion all relied on people's strengths. With higher strength, one could get a higher official position. Even an ordinary soldier would be able to become a commander with necessary strength. On the other hand, even the commanders would be degraded from his positon if his strength didn't match his position.

In Zhou Han's previous case, with his strength plummeting from 1,500 kilos to 87 kilos, Luo Cheng could never cover it up for Zhou Han in the military compet.i.tion. It was for sure Zhou Han would have been beaten into ashes.

However, with the cultivation in the past two weeks, Zhou Han's strength had level up and advanced a great deal. He would certainly shine in the military compet.i.tion.

The primary contests took place in each battalion first. The winners then would join the army's compet.i.tion to fight for the post of battalion commander.

The primary contests of battalion three took place on the course field. Over one thousand solders gathered on the field. The situation was particularly lively.

Ten platforms had been built on the course field. The rule was to challenge. First, ordinary soldiers could challenge team leaders, then team leaders challenge the higher ranks and so on.

Of course, if one felt he was confident to skip the ranks and challenge the higher rank, he was also allowed to do so.

For example, if team leaders felt he could challenge the team commanders, he could directly do so. But situations like this were rare. The strength cap on each level was fixed. It would stupid to challenge someone who was two levels above you.

The challenges on the platforms were taking place one after on. Zhou Han only had Xiao Yong standing next to him. Luo Cheng was away hosting the compet.i.tion.

And Wei Cheng, was alone in a corner of the course field, staring at what was going on the platforms. He had an arrogant look in his eyes. Obviously he didn't think anyone could challenge him.

"Hey, I will give you a good lesson on the platform for isolating me!"Wei Cheng crossed his arms in front of his check, planning on how to revenge on the platform later.

"Brother Han, give me some information. How much strength do you have now?" Seeing Zhou Han was very calm, Xiao Yong couldn't help but asked.

"Oh, I will definitely not let you down." Zhou Han smiled and did not answer directly.

"Okay." Since Zhou Han didn't want to say anything more, Xiao Yong had to shut up. But he was thinking in his mind, even though Zhou Han had got a rich reward, it was too short for him to regain all strength in just two weeks. It would be good for him if he could return back to his level five strength. This was also good. At least he could retain his position of Deputy Battalion Commander. The canny Wei Cheng wanted to get this position. There was no way!

Although there were more than one thousand soldiers in battalion three, most of them were only watching the compet.i.tion for fun. Everyone had their self-awareness. Without the strength, it was better not get onto the platform. After all, the compet.i.tion was fierce. No one would want to get hurt for no reason.

The challenge soon progressed to the final stage. Like previous years, most challengers failed. There was only one challenger who succeeded.

Wei Cheng was still a unit captain. He was challenged by one team leader.

Just in one round, the team leader fell off the platform, spitting out blood and pa.s.sed out.

"Wei Cheng, you ***king small person, deliberately hurt people!"

"Wei Cheng, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You don't deserve being a person!"

"Wei Cheng, you son of a *****!"

Under the platform, there were full of curving on Wei Cheng. But Wei Cheng didn't care at all and said "I didn't want to hurt him so much. I didn't even use much power. He was too weak. It was not my fault."

"This Wei Cheng is so vicious!" Luo Cheng looked at this, secretly clenched his fists. He quickly told several squadron captains that if Wei Cheng challenged them later on, they could feel free to beat Wei Cheng.

Two weeks ago, Wei Cheng's strength was 760 kilos. Now his strength had exceeded 800 kilos, leveling up to level four strength. But he was new in level four. He couldn't be fighters against the several squadron captains.

"Xiao Yong, if Wei Cheng challenges you, you should be careful. If anything goes wrong, you should immediately jump off the platform." Zhou Han had a surprised look in his eyes. Wei Cheng's strength was more than just what they saw from the surface. This man must have taken some secret cultivation resources over the past two weeks.

"Brother Han, I already the strength of 900 kilos. I wouldn't be afraid of him!" Xiao Yong's eyebrows jumped and said "If Wei Cheng comes to challenge me, I will kick his a.s.s!"

"Xiao Yong, please go to alert the other squadron captains. The strength of Wei Cheng was a bit weird. Tell them to be extra careful." Zhou Han said.

"Brother Han, I don't think it's necessary..." Xiao Yong paused when he saw the serious look in Zhou Han's eyes and rushed to alert the others.

After all, Zhou Han used to be on the level five strength. Even without the strength, he was still more experienced than him. Since he was so serious, Xiao Yong naturally followed his words. But Xiao Yong was still puzzled.

Wei Cheng jumped onto the platform and said something that shocked everyone. He said "All the squadron captains, please come onto the platform!"

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