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Chapter 12 Runes (Part I)

Xiao Yong and the only remaining squadron leaders felt they didn't have the skill to challenge the three captains. The three captains thought they were not Luo Cheng's opponents either. As for Zhou Han, no one dared to challenge him. So the military battle in battalion three ended with Wei Cheng's tragic death.

Zhou Han regained the respect of soldiers from battalion three. Along with the respect, there was also terror. No one dared to get closer to Zhou Han. They were clear that when Zhou Han partic.i.p.ated in the challenge in head office, he would surely become a regiment commander, which was of higher rank than battalion commander. They would no longer be in the same battalion with Zhou Han.

"Haha, Zhou Han. You have hidden your strength so deep. In only half a month, your progress was incredible!" In the camp of battalion three, Luo Cheng patted on Zhou Han.

"Yeah, if it wasn't brother Han, Wei Cheng could probably get what he wanted. The consequence would be horrible if Wei Cheng got promoted!" Xiao Yong said with a lot of smiles.

"Luo Cheng brother and Xiao Yong brothers. It was you two who helped me all the way till today. If it weren't for you, I couldn't have become strong as today. Here are two gifts to you for my grat.i.tude." Zhou Han took out two bags, handing them to Xiao Yong and Luo Cheng.

"Brother Zhou Han, look at you. You are too polite. We are brothers. It's our duty to take care of you. You don't need to thank us..." Without finishing his words, Luo Cheng was astonished by what's inside the bag.

He opened the bag and saw a black ginseng in it. This was a 400-year-old black ginseng.

Xiao Yong opened his bag. There was a medicine bottle, with enhancement pills inside. Enhancement pills would allow soldiers to enter level six strength after skipping level five.

"Brother Han, your gift is too expensive. I can't accept it…" Thought Xiao Yong returned the medicine to Zhou Han, he still had the wanting look in his eyes. No one would have resisted the temptation of enhancement pills. Xiao Yong was now at level four. He would soon enter into level five. There was a bottleneck from level five to level six. Most soldiers failed at level five because of the bottleneck.

"Brother Luo Cheng, you have too many internal injuries. With the wounds by Wei Cheng today, you definitely need to nourish your body. Otherwise, your body will one day collapse. So you must keep this black ginseng. Xiao Yong, I have overcome the challenge between level five and level six. So the enhancement pill is of no use to me. So you should keep it. The favor your gave me with the b.l.o.o.d.y-red Ganoderma was way much more than my enhancement pill." Zhou Han said with a sincere smile.

In the past six months, Zhou Han experienced a drastic plummeting of his strength. But he still carried on practicing his body even more. His extra effort helped his body to become stronger.

The mandala flower helped Zhou Han to jump directly to level six. He easily overcome the bottleneck between level five and level six. The bone lotus got Zhou Han's strength soar to level 8.

It seemed the bone lotus was not as effective as the mandala flower. But in fact, it was normal to be slower in upgrading to higher levels. Zhou Han had only absorbed half of the bone lotus and had upgraded to level 8. With more time and practice, Zhou Han would be able to completely absorb the nutrients of the bone lotus. At that time, Zhou Han might be able to upgrade to level 9.

Zhou Han cherished more the bonding with Luo Cheng and Xiao Yong after his experience in dismal.

"Zhou Han..." Luo Cheng still refused. Though what Zhou Han said was true, the ginseng was too expensive.

"If you still take me Zhou Han as your brother, then accept it." Zhou Han looked determined.

Xiao Yong was young and inexperienced. He put the enhancement pills in his arms and said to Luo Cheng, "Battalion Commander, since brother Han insists, then why don't you accept it? If you don't want it, I will have it for you."

Xiao Yong then pretended to be reaching out to the black ginseng in Luo Cheng' s hand. Luo Cheng kicked on Xiao Yong and said, "Go away, you kid. Keep your claws away!"

Luo kept the black ginseng in his arms like protecting his life, as if he was really afraid that Xiao Yong would take the ginseng away.

"Haha, Zhou Han, then I will accept the ginseng." Luo Cheng stopped being polite and accepted the ginseng. The ginseng was of at least three hundred years. It could not only cure Luo Cheng's internal injuries, but could also help Luo Cheng to level up his strength.

"This is right! There's nothing you need to be polite with among us brothers!" Zhou Han smiled.

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