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Chapter 11 You asked for it (b)

"Zhou Han, you despicable small person. You hid yourself so deep and calculated me!" Wei Cheng's face was extremely distorted by the pain on his arm. He never expected Zhou Han's comeback.

Zhou Han did not respond. In the face of a despicable person like Wei Cheng, there was no need to waste his talk. Zhou Han slowly approached Wei Cheng.

"You, you, what do you want to do?" Seeing Zhou Han approaching, Wei Cheng's voice sounded a hint of panic.

Zhou Han still didn't talk much. Wei Cheng was a garbage. It was not enough killing him thousands of times. It was impossible for Zhou Han to easily let him go after defeating him. Now Wei Cheng had to pay his price.

"Hey, Zhou Han is still a waste. I will see when end up dead here!" The panic in Wei Cheng's heard disappeared, replaced by viciousness. Wei Cheng knew that he would not have a second chance after falling off the platform this time.

Wei Cheng moved his mouth secretly, swallowing his pill hidden in his mouth.

A burst of violent energy flowed from Wei Cheng's stomach to all over his body and his limbs. Wei Cheng's blood suddenly soared and his eyes became blood red. He looked terrifying.

"This Wei Cheng..." All the people on the court field had figured out that there was something wrong with Wei Cheng. They started doubting.

"It seems that Wei Cheng has taken some special drugs, a type of very powerful drugs!"

"Where did Wei Cheng get such a thing from?"

"Hey, this Wei Cheng's does not have moral standards. He probably got the drugs in an evil way!"


"Zhou Han, I also have reserved a hand. Come on. Let me turn you into a complete waste!" The explosive power made Wei Cheng confident again. His arrogance also returned.

There was no change in Zhou Han's expression. He didn't even slow down from approaching Wei Cheng. No matter what secret weapon Wei Cheng had today, it would not change his destiny today.

"Haha, oh, take me one punch!" Wei Cheng laughed, with his left fist slamming onto Zhou Han.

Zhou Han's shot was simple and straightforward. His right fist blasted over to Wei Cheng.


Zhou Han and Wei Cheng's fists collided into each other.

Zhou Han stepped back, and Wei Cheng retreated for three steps.

This made the whole court field silent. Thousands of eyes kept looking at them. No one had the attention to talk.

After Zhou Han stepped back, he immediately resumed his ordinary walking pace, slowly approaching Wei Cheng.

Wei Cheng's eyes were full of scare. He was really frightened now. He only had his left arm complete. But his left arm was in a complete numbness. He had not fighting power anymore.

But Zhou Han still had stable breath. Obviously he didn't get harm. It was really abhorrent. Zhou Han had become so strong. Wei Cheng was regretting that he didn't kill Zhou Han earlier. Otherwise he wouldn't end up like this.

"Zhou Han, you are deliberately hurting people and breaking my arms. You should be deprived of your qualification!" Wei Cheng pretended crying, trying to get the sympathy of all soldiers.

However, all the soldiers looked cold. No one stoop out to speak for him. What Wei Cheng had done earlier made the other soldiers angry. This despicable man was so arrogant when he deliberately hurt others. When it was he being beaten, he was crying for sympathy. Such kind of person should go to h.e.l.l.

"Battalion Commander, please come out to host justice. Zhou Han wanted to hurt me maliciously!" Wei Cheng looked at Luo Cheng, "Battalion Commander, as the chief officer, it's your malfeasance if you don't stop this!"

"I F*ing didn't see." Luo Cheng pretended to pa.s.s out.

"Haha, battalion commander, well done!"

"Haha, battalion commander, we will testify for you!"

All the soldiers were happily laughing when they saw the reaction of Luo Cheng.

Seeing this, Wei Cheng's face turned pale. He knew that no one would stand out to speak for him in the entire battalion three.

"Hey, I remember you all. The next day on the battlefield, I will let everyone in battalion three to pay their price for what happened today!" Wei Cheng's eyes flashed through mad thoughts. He decided to kill them all on the battlefield in future.

"I lost!" Wei Cheng bit his teeth and licked the words. He was unwillingly staring at Zhou Han, and then he was about to get off the platform.

Zhou Han moved over and blocked Wei Cheng.

"Zhou Han, I have already admitted I lost. What else do you want from me?" Wei Cheng yelled. According to the military regulation, if one party accept defeat, the other party should also stop the fight.

"All solders from battalion three saw that Wei Cheng had took the banned drugs. He behavior undermined the military fairness. What should we do about it?" Zhou Han loudly shouted out to the whole court yield.

"The light punishment could be to abolish all his strength and send him to feed pigs or do the mining job for his whole life. The heavy punishment could be to kill him!" Soldiers in the court field shouted out.

"Wei Cheng, have you heard about it? It was not how I wanted to treat you. It was you who had ended your own path." Zhou Han said coldly.

"No, no. Don't do this..." Wei Cheng's face turned from gray to green and fell onto the ground softly. He was kneeling in front of Zhou Han and making bows like crazy, "Zhou Han. Brother Han. I am wrong. I am wrong. I am completely wrong…"

Wei Cheng was making bows while walking on his knees to Zhou Han, trying to hug Zhou Han's legs.

"Well, is there something wrong?" Zhou Han wanted to see if anything was wrong so he didn't react but let Wei Cheng approach him.

You son of a b****! It was all because of you. You made me like this. I will die with you!" Wei Cheng had this mad thought in his mind and sprinkled poison powder onto Zhou Han.

Zhou Han was already prepared. He swept his clothes and all the poison powders flew back onto Wei Cheng.

"Ah, ah, ah..." Wei Cheng made a crying scream. It was so much pain that he had to roll on the ground. He was quickly burnt by the poison powder, sending out a pungent smell.

The generals on the court field felt the horrifying scare in their heart. Many of them kept stepping backwards instinctively, while cursing Wei Cheng.

"Wei Cheng is a despicable person for using such a sinister trick. Fortunately, Zhou Han reacted in time. Wei Cheng died for his own fault."

"One always has to pay back what he owes!"

"This Wei Cheng had a great talent. But unfortunately he did not have a good moral. He was worth dying!"


It was not long before Wei Cheng's screaming weakened and finally ended. The poison powder had completely dissolved Wei Cheng's body, revealing his bones. It could be seen how poisonous the powder was.

Such a person would one day become a disaster if he was let go today.

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