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In 2 vols. 8vo, reduced to =12=s. =6=d. cloth, emblematically gilt; or the 2 vols. in 1, price =10=s. =6=d. cloth extra, gilt.

CARLETON'S TRAITS AND STORIES OF THE IRISH PEASANTRY. A new Pictorial Edition, with an Autobiographical Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and numerous Ill.u.s.trations on Wood and Steel, by Phiz, &c.

The following Tales and Sketches are comprised in this Edition:--

Ned M'Keown.

The Three Tasks.

Shane Fadh's Wedding.

Larry M'Farland's Wake.

The Battle of the Factions.

The Station.

The Party Fight and Funeral.

The Lough Derg Pilgrim.

The Hedge School.

The Midnight Ma.s.s.

The Donah, or the Horse Stealers.

Phil Purcell, The Pig Driver.

Geography of an Irish Oath.

The Llanham Shee.

Going to Maynooth.

Phelim O'Toole's Courtship.

The Poor Scholar.

Wildgoose Lodge.

Tubber Derg, or the Red Well.

Neal Malone.

=Also, a New Cheap Re-Issue.=

In 5 vols. fcap. 8vo, fancy boards, with new ill.u.s.trations, =7=s. =6=d.; or in cloth extra, gilt, with steel portrait, =10=s.

"Unless another master-hand like Carleton's should appear, it is in his pages, and his alone, that future generations must look for the truest and fullest picture of the Irish peasantry, who will ere long have pa.s.sed away from the troubled land, and from the records of history."--_Edinburgh Review_, Oct. 1852.

"Truly--Intensely Irish."--_Blackwood._

In 8vo, cloth, full gilt, price =6=s.

THE FORTUNES OF TORLOGH O'BRIEN: a Tale of the Wars of King James. With Steel Ill.u.s.trations by Phiz.

"This stirring tale contains the best history of the Battle of the Boyne, and is written with a master hand. It is fully equal to any of Lever's works."--_Observer._

In fcap. 16mo, price =1=s. sewed wrapper.

THE NEW TALE OF A TUB. By F. W. N. BAYLEY. Ill.u.s.trated by Engravings reduced from the original Drawing by Aubrey.

"Fun and humour from beginning to end."--_Athenaeum._


Price =2=s. =6=d. each, cloth gilt.

This Collection now comprises the best Novels of our more celebrated Authors. The volumes are all printed on good paper, with an Ill.u.s.tration, and form, without exception, the best and cheapest collection of light reading that is anywhere to be obtained.

_The following are now ready_:--

=1. Romance of War.= By James Grant.

=2. Peter Simple.= By Captain Marryat.

=3. Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp.= By James Grant.

=4. Whitefriars.= By the Author of "Whitehall."

=5. Stories of Waterloo.= By W. H. Maxwell.

=6. Jasper Lyle.= By Mrs. Ward.

=7. Mothers and Daughters.= By Mrs. Gore.

=8. Scottish Cavalier.= By James Grant.

=9. The Country Curate.= By Gleig.

=10. Trevelyan.= By Lady Scott.

=11. Captain Blake; or, My Life.= By W. H. Maxwell.

=13. Tylney Hall.= By Thomas Hood.

=14. Whitehall.= By the Author of "Whitefriars."

=15. Clan Albyn.= By Mrs. Johnstone.

=16. Caesar Borgia.= By the Author of "Whitefriars."

=17. The Scottish Chiefs.= By Miss Porter.

=18. Lancashire Witches.= By W. H. Ainsworth.

=19. Tower of London.= By W. H. Ainsworth.

=20. The Family Feud.= By the Author of "Alderman Ralph."

=21. Frank Hilton; or, the Queen's Own.= By James Grant.

=22. The Yellow Frigate.= By James Grant.

=24. The Three Musketeers.= By Alexandre Dumas.

=25. The Bivouac.= By W. H. Maxwell.

=26. The Soldier of Lyons.= By Mrs. Gore.

=27. Adventures of Mr. Ledbury.= By Albert Smith.

=28. Jacob Faithful.= By Captain Marryat.

=29. j.a.phet in Search of a Father.= By Captain Marryat.

=30. The King's Own.= By Captain Marryat.

=31. Mr. Midshipman Easy.= By Captain Marryat.

=32. Newton Forster.= By Captain Marryat.

=33. The Pacha of Many Tales.= By Captain Marryat.

=34. Rattlin the Reefer.= Edited by Captain Marryat.

=35. The Poacher.= By Captain Marryat.

=36. The Phantom Ship.= By Captain Marryat.

=37. The Dog Fiend.= By Captain Marryat.

=38. Percival Keene.= By Captain Marryat.

=39. Hector O'Halloran.= By W. H. Maxwell.

=40. The Pottleton Legacy.= By Albert Smith.

=41. The Pastor's Fireside.= By Miss Porter.

=42. My Cousin Nicholas.= By Ingoldsby.

=43. The Black Dragoons.= By James Grant.

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