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I didn't know what holiday was going on tonight in the ghost building, but even though I arrived early, the ghost building was already set up and pardon the pun, very lively. They had obviously opened a lot earlier than usual. Upon my arrival, I could see ghosts and demons dancing in riotous revelry.

I was familiar with a lot of ghosts who were regulars of the ghost building, but most of them were ghosts I'd never seen before.

I dodged to get away from an old ghost who has been sniffing me with his nose. I walked up to sister Hua who was dressed in gorgeous attire and asked in a low voice: "Sister Hua, what holiday are we celebrating today?"

Sister Hua smiled: " Today is a great day. Why don't you go greet the guests?"

It was clear that sister Hua had no intention of sticking around. I walked over to the side of the bar and asked Lulu, who was busy working: "Lulu, what's the occasion today?" Lulu looked at the blood-red bracelet on my hand and smiled: "No.13, take it there."

I took the tray and served the dishes to table No.13th. Lulu seemed to like the bracelet very much. She would look at it every time I'd approach her.

There were a lot more guests than usual today. I was constantly shuffling about the crowd, but the main question I had remained unanswered. What festival were they celebrating today?

The beautiful Sister Tan with the hanged face showed up and sat at a table accompanied by Xiao Lingdang. I hurriedly served the food I had on me, walked over, and loudly asked: "What would you like to order?" Then I whispered, "Beauty, you are finally willing to see me!"

The beauty Tan nodded, and gave me a pity smile: "Su Qing will also come after a while."

What? Su Qing. I guess there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't help but express my uneasiness. Su Qing had us go and find her child and threatened to kill us if we couldn't.

At this point I was wondering why Su Qing didn't know where her child was? She had written it on the wall of the toilet. I couldn't believe I had just realized this now.

Just as I was about to ask her for more information, the sound of guest's wondering where the food was got me to focus back on my job. Before leaving I secretly told Xiao Lingdang that she must make the beautiful Sister Tan stick around no matter what. I still had a lot to wanted to ask her. As for Su Qing, for some reason I wasn't too worried about her killing me.

A lot of dishes had already been served on each table. sister Hua walked over to the front stage, located in the same place where I burned the paper money my first time in the house. The moment Sister Hua told everyone to be quiet, and the hall was quick to give all their attention to her. It was clear that Sister Hua still held quite some prestige among the ghosts when she talked.

I knew that sister Hua must have something important to say and listened carefully.

"Today is the day of the appointment of the Huakui. Guests, are you ready?

When sister Hua stopped speaking, the hall was filled with the wails of ghosts and howls that sounded like they came from wolves. The people who cried the loudest were men. It seemed like the appointment of the Huakui was a bit more geared towards one s.e.x.

But what the h.e.l.l was the Huakui?

Sister Hua stood on the stage, showing that familiar smile: "The first one is the most popular lady in our Fan House..." .

The hungry wolves in the hall were loudly shouting: "Lady Wen! ", " Beautiful Wen! " and "Miss Wen!".

They were different forms of addressing her, but obviously they were all calling for the same person. Amongst the shouting, a tall woman with a high figure, a s.e.xy shape, and a thin waist began walking to the front of the room. She had delicate features and tanned skin, making her appear healthy and attractive. Yan'er and Lulu are beautiful and one in a thousand, but Lady Wen was one in a million.

Was she really from the Fan House? I'd never seen her before.

"Pretty, isn't she?"

I nodded. When I looked back, I saw Lulu smiling faintly at me. I forced a smile and hurriedly changed the topic: "Lulu, is Lady Wen from the Fan House? How come I've never seen her before?"

Lulu's eyes got cold: "Why? Are you interested in her?"

I hastily deny it, but Lulu looked unconvinced: "If you are interested in her, give me the bracelet back." After saying that, she stopped talking to me and got busy thinking to herself.

I wasn't interested in her. First off, she was a ghost. Besides, even if she wasn't and I did like her, I doubt she'd even like me back. I also couldn't see how it had anything to do with the bracelet.

Nevertheless, Lulu's words made my heart move. I looked around around, perhaps it was because today's beauties were at wearing their best outfits and none of the ghosts were revealing their true terrifying appearances, I began to feel a bit self conscious. They were dressed like they were going to a fancy party, and even more depressing for me, a lot of the male ghosts were much more handsome than I was.

Lady Wen bowed slightly to sister Hua, and said with a beautiful smile: "I am Wen Jing, thank you all. Now I will perform a song for you all. I hope you'll like it."

When she finishes speaking, Wen Jing swayed her hand in the void and a seven-stringed Chinese zither appeared out of nowhere. With this instrument and her outfit, the scene looked like something out of an ancient story.

The strings were gently plucked and pleasant sound emerged from the instrument and filled the room. I couldn't tell what song it was, but I enjoyed listening to it. Everyone in the hall was at ease as they silently watched the performance. They all swayed their heads to the music with an intoxicated look in their eyes. n.o.body could tell if everyone understood the song, but they were definitely enjoying it.

The song was not long. When it ended, there was a short pause and the hall was filled with a warm applause and polite cheers. I clapped as well, the performance was truly mesmerizing. After clapping a few times, Lulu's cold "humph" interrupted my expression of appreciation.

Wen Jing slowly retreated to one side and the guests begin to order more food once again. I had to continue working hard, everything was so busy once agai, that not even Sister Hua's introduction of the next performer could be heard. A young girl walked up to the stage to sing a "legendary tale." The girl sang very well, but it didn't seem to fit the tastes of the ghosts. The applause was still there, but it was not as warm as it was before. It was more of a polite applause.

I saw the girl on stage as I was serving dishes. The girl did not show an unusual reaction to the applause, but quietly stood next to Wen Jing, and exchanged a few quiet words with her.

I don't know if it was just my imagination. But I felt as if that young girl in the long white dress who had just performed looked quite familiar. It was as if I had already seen her somewhere before.

My thought process was interrupted by another one of Lulu's cold "humph"s, this time Lulu says, "Don't stare at other girls."

It was a little strange, but I didn't think much of it. The next girl was about to step on the stage, wearing a slim cheongsam and exposing her seductive thigh through the slit on the side. This was someone I actually knew, it was Yan'er.

Instead of playing and singing, she performed a dance that took advantage of the fact that she was a ghost. There were many intricate and strange movements, she danced so well that it was difficult to imagine anyone else executing these moves while wearing a cheongsam. The key was that her s.e.xy parts were just slightly being exposed.

Yan'er's seductive dance won her a warm applause, the biggest of which was from the man in the long shirt. Those two definitely had something going on.

One performance after another, and ghosts of the hall ontinued to eat a lot faster. I was dead tired. That was when she appeared.

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