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“The major difference between a high ranked and a special ranked elemental is their self-awareness.

A warrior that obtained chieftain status due to their king cla.s.s bonded partner can manifest the emblem of their tribe as a physical manifestation and learn many spells under the guidance of the shamans, who maintain their status like this.

In the end though, the spirit itself has no thoughts for itself and cannot remember much aside from the raison d'être they are given when they are born.

This allows the fighters to control the spirit in their bodies, to cultivate in their place, and merge together.

However, since a special ranked elemental has its own thoughts and aspirations, it becomes difficult to fuse with a partner. Hence the experiments in the past, by some ambitioned researchers from other places, concluded that it is impossible to capture and fuse a special rank with a humanoid being.

Mainly due to the restrictive rationale that is forced by the contract and the need for control when merging together. Hence a special ranked spirit should degenerate into a high or middle rank when the ceremony takes place.”

Gabriel calmly stated the explanation without a change in expression, although it went against the facts in front of them.

The armor resting on Nisha’s lap had no visible change when it was declared as an impossible existence.

“Truth to be told, Bael and I also conducted several experiments in regards with elemental spirits and their different ranks in regards to abilities. They make for a cheap alternative to raise a quick number of warriors that do not fear magic bombardement and can use basic spells to supplement their battle prowess.

Unfortunately, they are also limited by the same perks that make them attractive. No matter how well developed an elemental spirit is, it will always lose to a magician at the same level. The versatility and adaptiveness a magician shows through practice and directly learning the skills is the specialization that the spirits lack in a straight up fight.”

Based on her wistful sigh, Gabriel lamented the vast disparity between the two she mentioned and her inability to bridge the gap with her abilities.

“You said my elemental is a special ranked bloodline variant though. Does that mean there is an exception to the rule you just mentioned?”

As the conversation went along, many questions Nisha previously had were solved or answered, while new ones replaced them.

Considering that the elf had neglected the floating armor previously— and at best poked it while pa.s.sing by— as she had placed more importance on her other contracted beast Accalia, she now tried to learn as much as possible from this opportunity and find a use for the black and white spirit.

“Indeed, it is a mystery for me as well. Describe how you contracted it again, maybe there is a clue in what you saw and felt back then.”

Bael entered the conversation again and leaned forward in her chair, apparently eager to discuss this topic as well. Since the two G.o.ddesses had previously attempted to create this exact outcome, they still adhered to the equal exchange principle and could freely talk about the information each side had.

Nisha gave them a quick rundown on the day she contracted the wolf and the armor, going  in detail about the empty egg and the erratic behavior then.

After recalling as many details as possible, Nisha captured the floating armor spirit and looked it over from several angles before settling it on her lap.

“How do you know it is a special bloodline spirit anyway if it is supposed to be impossible for one to come into being?

Not that I doubt your judgement, I’m merely curious what dictates the difference between the ranks.”

Apparently her elemental got bored of the conversation and began to ignore the three females and their conversation since it did not involve itself anymore. Resting with its master was a great enjoyment anyway and it tossed and turned into a comfortable position before showing its backside to them.

“You can generally estimate the rank of a spirit by looking at its actions. For example, low rank elementals have next to no drive or direction, they float around and go along with any influences they come across. A smith crafting an armor with metal especially partial to a matching element might draw in some low level spirits in the process, raising the overall quality of the finished product.

Mid level elementals have a certain motivation, yet they are also firmly bound by their initial goal. A faith on a similar level as the [Seven Star Church] had previously attempted to distinguish themselves through the establishment of a blessed forge. The idea was to guide the faith of their followers into the creation of high level gear that would allow the church to expand and draw in more followers through conquest.

Sadly, their influence had yet to reach the point where they had a sufficient foundation to succeed. The mid level spirits continued to heal the followers and protect the church itself, yet they were not dedicated to forging when they were born. In the end, the faith perished in their endeavor to expand.”

Gabriel appeared to be amused at the demise of a faith, her entire demeanor relaxed and carefree while she recounted her memories. Nisha wondered if the two G.o.ddesses had their own faith on the continent and whether or not their influence exceeded the church they just reminisced about.

Bael smirked as well, her amus.e.m.e.nt not as benevolent as her sisters, and took over the explanation.

“High rank elementals are the kings among their kind for their freedom of choice. While all of the ranks follow certain impulses, high elementals can interpret their mission with a broader scope.

Imagine a light attributed high spirit that came into being after countless generations worshipped a benevolent angel bestowing mercy on them whenever their people fell into danger.

Thanks to their sacrifices and worship ceremonies, the spirit king sees their survival and well being as its mission.

One day the heir of a large kingdom is travelling through the area and their convey falls prey to an unfathomably powerful beast that lives in a forbidden ground. Through the sacrifice of all their followers, the heir is on the brink of death when the followers of the high elemental find him.

Now, their community is by no means small, but if the successor of a super empire perishes in their lands, the anger of that superpower will fall on them nonetheless and most likely leave nothing but scorched earth behind.

In this case, a mid rank spirit would not move. The heir is not one of its followers and does not offer any sacrifices in exchange for a miracle healing.

The spirit king on the other hand can interpret the situation and heals the heir anyway without a need for repayment. It understands that the survival of its people is tied to rescuing them.”

Due to the usual mischievousness of the green-haired sister’s character, Nisha had a faint suspicion that she was not just speaking in a hypothetical case. Maybe that super tier beast happened to be half of an awakened tree …

“To make a long story short, elementals from low to high are all bound to follow the rules. Your armor spirit on the other hand is showing curiosity and interest in new things, as well as an open mind to new situations.

Special rank spirits can do that, yet it also carries a strong scent of your blood and essence. Based on your description, it did attempt to devour your bloodline and escape from the contract when it was hatched from the egg you purchased.

So depending on your point of view, fortunately or unfortunately you possess the bloodline of a dragon, one of the most n.o.ble and powerful beasts on the continent. Instead of breaking free and robbing your blood, the special spirit became refined instead.

The crucial difference might be that the fusion was initiated by the spirit instead of the other way around, or maybe an attribute from your heritage, because the elemental is now connected to your spirit and did not lose its free will like similar experiments have shown in the past.

That is the origin of this spirit. A whole new species, so to speak.”

At this point, Bael beamed with a bright smile, her eyes wandering up and down the sharp lines of the black and white armor. While it did not have any eyes — did it? Nisha had no idea, at least she saw none —yet it somehow noticed the inauspicious attention on itself and burrowed deeper into its master’s embrace.

“So I picked up a gem, is that right?”

Rather than being hung up on on the details, Nisha reflected the beaming smile aimed at her and her elemental.

She felt it in her bones, Bael was one sufficient reason away from convincing herself to take away the little thing in the name of experimentation and other similar wordings, which might make sense in her head but made the dragon secretly fear deeply for the armor spirit.

The topic had to change quickly, otherwise there might be unforeseen consequences to their physical and mental state.

“Indeed, and don’t think I do not know what you’re trying to do.

In any case, this covers the basic information about elementals. Many powerful cultivators cherish the chances they come by to attend shamanistic rituals and do not hesitate to offer their treasures and a.s.sistance to create the best circ.u.mstances and learn more about the elementals.

It is a rare branch of magic and much is unknown. What I can do is share with you what I know about them. Or rather, Gabriel can. She’s much more versed in raising things, I reckon this small armor falls into her area as well.”

As much as the two G.o.ddesses switched the person speaking out for them, Nisha had long since adjusted to their turns. They came from the same source and their mind had accommodated to having two bodies despite being made from the same mold.

While it took some mental capacity to mend the two halves into one complete set of information, she did not mind spending some extra effort.

Shifting her body, Nisha faced the blonde woman, who already adjusted herself as well, mirroring the elf. Apparently it was not the first time others had difficulties interacting with the twin G.o.ddesses and they made concessions to mind their behaviour.

“Let me take it over then. What you should focus on is to raise your cultivation. The advantage of a bloodline spirit is the close bond they share with their owners regarding cultivation. Your maximum aura level usually determines how strong it can grow, a sort of limit that naturally exists to prevent the spirit from breaking free of your control or taking over your body.

The advantage you have with your spirit, though, seems to be that there is no limit on your mana.

We told you the story about the tribes deep in the south, from the frozen plains. They focus on the shamanistic system and rely on their bloodline spirits to sublimate their needs, yet it also imposes restrictions. Usually, you can no longer cultivate your soul and raise your mana since the spirit absorbs all of the energy.

Your little armor here can self cultivate though and is not reliant on your energy, but is closely connected to it.

My advice would be to douse it in your mana whenever you can to quickly help it grow to your level. As long as you advance, you can easily bring it along with you and it can focus more on comprehending skills and mastering them. Do not underestimate this advantage, you have not spent a long time alive yet. To warriors and magicians, most of their life is lost on advancing themselves and cultivating bitterly, alone and for long periods of time.”

Along the last set of words, Gabriel changed from the warm and friendly aunt that Nisha had known for quite some time now to an ancient wood towering over the pa.s.sages of time. It left no doubt that no one had the power to bring down a plant like that without enough power to go against time itself.

The experience as such was incredibly humbling and allowed the dragon to sense a sky beyond the sky, a peak beyond the highest peak. It also gave her a goal to work towards, one day she would stand at the same height and command just as much power as the two G.o.ddesses in front of her.

“Indeed, I’d make a similar guess as my sister. In general, there is not much you have to do while rising a bloodline elemental, they cultivate by themselves while commanding the mana of the host. Since you still are able to cast spells and meditate to improve your soul, there’s a bit of experimenting and fiddling around necessary to find the path that suits you best, but I think you will do just fine if you keep an open mind and carefully sense the state that lets you improve the most.”

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