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─ Rodokiaus side ─

I have a good relationship with Co - trust...It's not my imagination to feel that I can say that. Why do you look like you're crying... Why do you have a distant eyes... Why do you laugh at fragile......

You don't have to laugh like that.

If you're sad, I want you to say "sad" or "lonely".

Do you have to hide it?

So you can't rely on me?

I don't know what'll be okay with such a face.

Don't worry, of course stubbornly, he tries to not show a weak face.

I heard from the members, when you meet when you have a face that is likely to cry Koh, it seems to be said that I want to keep the secret from the code.

He says he doesn't want me to worry.

But, I do worry.

If the Ko is crying, I want to hug my half body.

I want to get rid of the grief of the Koran.

But I can't tell you what I think and what kind of face I'm going to cry on.

I hate being told to go home, and I don't know if I want to see my parents. If it is kidnapped, and there is something and it is left in that place, it is not funny even if parents are missed.

It's no wonder that you want to stay with your parents rather than marry me from a year away.

It doesn't seem to understand the body well yet. I do not seem to know the smell of half-body even if I make a beast, because the code is a child? However, I heard a shocking thing during this time. Because the life of the coeds would not be 100 years old.

c.o.ko seems to be 18 now, and it's only 82 years after that. The fact that you can't live to be 100 years old is shorter than that. I can't spend so much time together. After losing half the body, I have heard what the end will be.

It seems to become a cripple almost like the soul has come out. And, it weakens, and it dies before long. I wonder if such a future is waiting in about eighty years?

"Ryodo, return?"

"Yes Home"

It is thought that it is better to ride than to be cornered and to be able to escape although the talk was averted. I think I've become a lot of bearish since I met Cole. It has never been that there is a person who strongly thinks that it does not want to be disliked. If you Shike love to the half of the body, you are ashamed of yourself for having misunderstood that love always comes back. There is still no love for me.

I waited until I was 100 years old, and I was thinking about getting married, but I was wondering what to do when I heard that my life was not 100 years old. I thought it would be nice to be able to come to like it slowly, but there seems to be no time. If it's true, I want to get married right now, but...... I have no choice but to wait for a good reply. ...... First of all, I want to know the reason for the face which seems to cry.

He heads to the house, holding the cord. I'm not headed to the barracks because it's still too early to eat. Rennagaga said he would return to the barracks and parted. When I pat my head, it leaning to me. I don't have much vigilance, but... Is it still impossible to know the whole of the code?

─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ When I'm in the house, I don't usually change anything. He is studying to learn letters, and he asks for p.r.o.nunciation.

It seems to be studying the behavior and feelings more than the name of the thing recently.







When you say a word that you want to know, the Koran repeats the word. This is every time, it seems to remember the quickest way to remember this p.r.o.nunciation.

I speak words while we walk.

It can be remembered even if it is walking as for anything.





The Lisp is as usual. The word "hot" and "cold" was drawn, and it was taught by appearance.

The taste of "sweet" and "bitter" seems to be much different from mine.

He is often given a sweet thing form appearance, but the thing which seems to be thought that it is "too sweet" once in his mouth it's never mentioned again.

It can be put in Renaiga's mouth mischievously, but that usually does not apply.

"...... Ryodo? Ierd? Did you?"

He looked at my face, I'm so happy.

"Not tired."

The paper and book which had been spread out were put away after he had pondered something then shook his head and answered.

"Today, study, end?"

I nod when he says that. It's unusual, but he's been studying too much.

It's good to take a break.

After the cleanup is over, Co comes closer.

After saying "marriage" and "half body", times Co comes near me has decreased.

…..And yet, what's happening today?

Are you tired of using magic...... doesn't look like it.


He looked at me for a while, With a look of determination.

Did you decide to say something?


"Ryodo. Co, Wrong. To Marihe. Iwi. Sewewde. Kidodou. Wa.s.sed. Awikawyen. Oh, Co, umm….wrong."


In an unexpected report, he loses his words.

This is the country named Marihecht, and it consists in six countries named Eori, Severte, Kitotor, Laszead, and Arieren as Co said.

However, Co said that the he was not born in any country.

It's funny that I'm not surprised.

There is no country except the six .

The six countries form one continuous continent are surrounded around by the sea.

......I've never heard of a country in the sea before……

Because a violent sea animal appears in the water, there is no person who willingly wants to cross the sea.

Of those who went to the sea, no one has come back yet.

"Kou, * * *, Oh, home."


"* * *"


I can't catch it well.

But was he born in the country of the "Niho", How did he cross the sea and end up alone on the hill of the fountain?

It is a place where demons appear as well, and even I don't set foot there unless Sig craves that gra.s.s.

Moreover, there is a considerable distance from the sea.

He was naked and barefoot, even though he was taken by someone, he was in that place with no footprints, and no hoof marks?

"Sea, boat, niho, Marihecht, go?"

When I asked if he had crossed the sea in a boat from the other side, he shook his head.

If it's not a boat... Moving with magic......?

"Co, sleep, bed. Woke. Ryodo, there.

......what you mean is, you were sleeping in a room, and I was in front of you when you woke up, right?

If you move, what do you notice?

Aren't you still moving while using magic?

But Co was asleep, then who was it? I heard that it's difficult to move far by magic.

If it is magic to put move others, it's extra.

Thinking about Co's power, his parents would of course have mighty power, but...

Even so, it's possible to go out even a short distance off the coast.

Still, it is a considerable distance from the land, and is it a distance place of which it's said that there is no return with magic.

Is it possible to send others from a country that might be away of here?

Co wrote something again.

After he drew a circle, he painted a pattern that I had never seen before.

(What is this….?)

He was absorbed in drawing the picture for a while.

However, he pointed at a small pattern when he finished drawing, and the word of a little while ago was spoken.

It seems that the Koran was born, the country called "Niho".

Looks a little different, but...

this is a map?

I've never seen a map like this.

......what does it mean?


Ko pointed to the whole map and said something.

Are you saying that the whole thing in this circle is a country?

"Rand, sea."

You know I don't understand.

He tells me and points, the land and the sea.

(Is there such a country beyond the sea?)

"Marhecht, Where?"

I ask where Marihecht is, but he shakes his head.

(He can't recognize Marihecht......?)

I don't know what this means.


Tracing a circle, he said something.


Moreover, it was nodded after it was a little embarra.s.sed whether the p.r.o.nunciation was a little different.

I also nodded after I was a little confused whether the p.r.o.nunciation was a little different.

Again he drew something.

This time, it seems to be drawing only a circle. What does this mean?


One at a time, there seems to be names.

But......the first thing he said was sun.

And, the fourth said, "Chikyu" just a while ago.

(......I, don't know.)

Do you have knowledge that I've never heard of before Co?



In other words, "Chikyu" is the name of the star?

Did he say that Kou was born in a country of Chikyu?

Well, then...how did he come to Marhecht?

『I was moved while I was asleep.』is what he said……..

I don't know how it came about but, Co, who came from the star chikyu, you're not a person from this world.

And yet...... Why are you half my body?

It's not my mistake.

Surely, my mind, body, and soul are wanting Co.

".....Ryodo, Co, you, get? Alright?"

The unexpected things with my head blank, looking at the anxious face of Co and thought are you not confused.

I hug Co.

"I don't like it. Koh, like "

He came from a different world.

Because he is my half body it does not change.

"Co, home, don't know. Mawihechud, I don't know. ...... To return, to do, don't know. ............ Ryodo, what, do, think?

It's interesting to see how the words that I was told were made to be understood.

I didn't know how to get home, and I didn't know why I came to Marhecht, and that's why I never know when I'll be back someday.

And then you'll break up with me?

After saying so, the tears which had acc.u.mulated gradually flowed.

(This is why you had a face that seemed to cry all the time...)

When you do not know when you will suddenly disappear, it's not fun if you feel uneasy.

Did you think that leaving me would be a little bit lonely?


He keeps crying in my arms.

I didn't even think about losing the Co.

Even though the story of a short life was shocking, there's a possibility that one day he'll suddenly disappear……

"It's okay," "I'll protect you." I can't say, miserably shameful.

I don't know how he came, and I don't have the power to keep him here.

The power I have is only of an akinist, and ordinary magic is resistant, I can hardly use it.

I don't think I'll be able to do anything with my power if more magicians appear.

If they use the moving magic, I can't help.

I cry as I hug Co, who keeps crying.

If I lose Co, I will become a cripple.

I can't even choose death for myself, because I'm so hardy, I'll go crazy.

I don't want to lose the half-body that I found with great pains.

(Why, do such things…)

Did I do something? Why do we have such trials?

Is it not enough to just be happy?

Is it necessary to have a price to get a half-body, an irreplaceable existence?

But no matter what future is waiting for us, I want my half-body Co.

"I like you, Co. I love you."

Even if Co disappears and my humanization is lost, this feeling won't change tomorrow.

Hugging Co that doesn't stop crying and whisper words of love.

I can only do this kind of thing. "All the time, Co, I like you." That's the only thing that won't change, no matter what.

─ Rodoxus side End ─

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