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Over Capacity

(Author’s Note)

Ranked first this month. Σ( ; ゜Д゜ノ)ノ

Thank you very much. o(^o^)o


To summarize, in this world same s.e.x marriage is common, and it seems that men can also give birth to children.

For some reason Rodo said he wants to marry me, but I wonder what caused him to like me?

Did you like the picture I drew that much?

As expected, it doesn’t mean that he liked my current form.

I still don’t understand the words that Rodo says frequently.

But, I wonder, can this body have children?

As a j.a.panese person that transmigrated to this world, I have no such function.

…Maybe the reason my form became a child’s, was so that I would adapt to this world?

…No, I don’t get it.

Even now I still don’t know why I came to this world.

I turned into a child, was cared for by Rodo, and was proposed to by him…

Did I come to this world so that I would meet Rodo?

It’s just, Rodo, is a soldier, not a king.

Does he have some other important position?

Those guys that always go to the cafeteria, they seem to be Rodo’s subordinates.

He seems to be the captain of a platoon, but he doesn’t have as much authority as a king.

—That was the impression I got.

For the time being, I said “I’ll think about it.”…

I can’t think of a reason to reject him.

I’ve only known him a few days, but he’s kind, good looking, indulgent of me, I can’t say anything.

Normally something like two men would be troublesome, but, sorry, my romantic targets have always been men.

Because of that, I did my best to weakly ingrain into myself the social disposition that a “gay person'” should not be exposed.

Because I knew that if it was exposed, I could be tormented.

Even though it has become more frequently accepted, it’s not as if the intolerant abuse doesn’t hurt.

Actually, it’s not like I can say I don’t have painful memories of being confronted by that sort of suspicious person’s thoughtless words.

As far as someone like me is concerned, surely this world might be a paradise.

It seems that Rodo has been pre-determined as my partner, if it’s Rodo I think I don’t mind.

It’s just, something like wanting to have children makes me a little nervous.

Because, I’m a man.

How am I going to give birth?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand this strange world at all.

Moreover, I still don’t know how to return to my original form.

If I can’t turn back…what should I do?

Marriage as I am now…

It’s beyond impossible, *shudder*.

It’s like a good luck mode, if you don’t consider the setting at all.


Now, my current form is that of a young child.

I was able to convey I’m 18, I was able to get Rodo to let me stroke his “kitty” time form, and I was in a good mood, so I left Rodo to cool his head.

In spite of that, I thought I might have been abandoned, but it seems that I only got lost, so he went to look for me.

So that he could apologize.

I was good with just that.

If I go together with Rodo, then it’s fine.

…I don’t understand why marriage talks turned up.

Even if I think over it, I don’t know what to say to Rodo about the matter of our relationship; my train of thought seemed to be interrupted.

And, if so, I’m abandoning thinking about it.

“It’s fine” is what I’m thinking.

If it’s Rodo, he’ll be carefully thinking of me, right?

If I return to my original form, I think that marrying him might be nice.

—If I can’t go back to j.a.pan, I’ll decide.

I don’t have enough information.

Such things as the customs and common sense of this world, there are a lot of things I don’t understand.

It’s instinctive to cling onto your protector.

That’s why, I think that my feelings for Rodo aren’t “love”.

I don’t know if they’ll change from now on, but right now they’re different.

A partner like that and getting married, I think is nice. Because I won’t have to think about various things.

I know that it’s an escape from reality.

There’s no time right now for me to be in love.

I’m franticly memorizing the language, just getting used to the environment takes all my effort, there’s no way that I have any leeway for something like that.

Because I don’t know whether or not I can return to j.a.pan, or if I can regain my original form.

For the me with nothing but anxiety, romance will be impossible for a little while.

Being excessively indulgent, Rodo always puts me on his knee whenever we have a meal.

The food is hard to reach, so Rodo is going as far as hand-feeding me.

Today he impulsively tries patting my head, setting off a super sweet atmosphere, it’s a little embarra.s.sing.

So far no one will a.s.sociate with us, becoming used to this sort of mood makes me itchy.

Until a while ago the people around us were amazed, watching us with wide grins.


“No, it’s nothing.”

That face doesn’t say it’s nothing.

With a smirk, for some reason that annoying Ears sits across from Rodo and me.

I think he finds us quite amusing.

“When Ko marries Captain, *******”


He’s saying something to me, but I’m not able to understand the words.

Furthermore, why is he a.s.suming that we’re getting married?

I only said “I’ll think about it.”

“What are you smirking for, Ears?”

So, I complain in j.a.panese.

No one is able to understand, since they’re unable to grasp what I said.

…They seem to know somehow that I’m saying insults, though.

The meal ended on an uncomfortable note, and we went to the training center.

It seems that Rodo has work after this.

It would be fine for me to look after the house, but Rodo doesn’t like to leave me home alone.

Before he thought I was a child.

Now…he clings to me even more than before.

Rodo gives some instructions to that annoying ears and the others, with me sitting on his lap.

Even saying that I dislike it and want down…it’s bothersome.

If I get down because it’s uncomfortable, he’ll say “It’s dangerous.” and put me back there.

How should I get Rodo to remove his arm from my waist?

(I want to escape…)

The sweet atmosphere is making my spine crawl.


I’m saying it wanting to escape, not because I had to go, but he picked me up.

(It can’t be…)

He’s going with me!?

Not happening.


But, when I say that, Rodo makes a sad face.

I almost give in, but I don’t want to go to the bathroom together.

“Together, go, hate!”

Even if you’re making a sad face, I can’t yield to this.

I obstinately refuse, so he reluctantly put me down.

“Ko. Captain*******”

Pain in the But Ears said something, but he’s mocking me.

I glare while he laughs and returns to training.

At last I’m alone, and I sigh in relief.

Until now there’s always been someone near me, but that atmosphere had somehow become sticky sweet.

Like I thought, it’s itchy.

…It’s not a disgusting feeling though.

I won’t feel bad seeing him happy to that extent.

After locking myself in the bathroom for a while, I go back to the training center.

“Foot. Hand. Road. Hallway. Run.”

Speaking the words I’ve been taught while I’m walking, this way what I’m saying can be memorized quickly.

My p.r.o.nunciation still isn’t very good, but somehow the things I can communicate is increasing.

“Turn. Sky. Child. Parent.”

I hum the mixed words while strolling leisurely, but—


I heard a voice and turn towards it, and see Rodo running over here.


Did something happen?

Rodo came over and held me in his arms.


“I was worried.”


It seems like Rodo’s overprotectiveness was activated.

It hasn’t been long since I left, you’re worrying too much.

Right from the beginning, Rodo has been overprotective, but…

Now he’s overdoing it.

It’s alright if you don’t come specifically to meet me.


“…Today, was a day off.”


I wasn’t told that he was taking a day off.

Then, he gave up his day off just to show his face at the training center?

…If that’s the case, it’s not something to get mad over, but…

To come to work on his day off, is Rodo a workaholic?

Because he’s caring for me, was he making time to devote to me?

…Do you just naturally like kids?

If I’m not mistaken, I do remember him thinking like that.


This large hand that is stroking my head, as expected it’s tender, I don’t feel like refusing it.

I didn’t want my quirks to be found out, so I was poor at coming into contact with people and kept my distance,

It was sometimes misunderstood to be fastidiousness.

And yet, surprisingly I continue to permit it and look forward to it.

Next to Rodo I feel relief, is it because I recognize him as my guardian?

…I’m not wary of Ren now too.

Being looked after by Rodo, as far as I’m concerned it’s a good thing for me, so it can’t be helped.

Marriage…would it be ok not to think on it for a while?

I think my head’s about to explode.


So, here’s chapter 13 ?

Does anyone have a preference for Rodo’s name? Right now I’ve just left it like the previous translators did, which is just the j.a.panese transliterated with no modifications (ロドキアウス -> Rodokiausu). I was thinking of changing it (maybe something like Llodkiaus/Rhodkiaus?), since it feels kinda clunky in English, but I don’t want to confuse/annoy anyone by suddenly switching the ML’s name ?

Oh, and I’ve got a small surprise planned for Christmas don’t know how many people will be interested in it though. Hopefully I can get it finished in time XD

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