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Maybe the light in her eyes seemed resolute; they were so piercing that He Jichen instinctively had to turn his head away to avoid her gaze.

" I don't want someone better, I just want you"... what a maddening thing to say...

He Jichen felt his ruthless heart starting to sway from when he rejected her earlier.

"He Jichen, if I'm ever going to marry in my lifetime, I'm definitely going to marry you!"

"Ji Yi," said He Jichen suddenly as he interrupted her again.

It seemed like Ji Yi hadn't heard He Jichen and she continued to say, "It doesn't matter if you plan to be with me or not. Besides, I decided that you're mine for life!"

"Ji Yi!" cried He Zhichen again.

That was when Ji Yi stopped speaking.

He Jichen stared at the nearby wall for a while then he turned his head and looked over at Ji Yi.

His pitch-black eyes barely carried any emotion. He stared at her for just two seconds then cried her name again with a flat voice.

Ji Yi's eyes stared at He Jichen without blinking or uttering a word.

The room fell quiet for a moment before He Jichen's lips moved again. Before he could speak, a piercing pain rose from the bottom of his heart. "Find some time. Let's go to the civil office and let's get a divorce."

In actuality, he should've gotten a divorce long before he left Beijing. However, he just couldn't bear to do it and wanted to leave himself a single memory to hold dear.

Even though he had to painfully break off their final connection, it would really be worth it.

Considering what Ji Yi said today, he was sure that the story of his love for her had come to a perfect end.

"I don't want to!" Ji Yi shook her head without a second thought.

He Jichen ignored her and continued on: "Wait till I contact someone then I'll call you to come right over and sign the papers. Then it'll be sorted."

"I told you I don't want to! Quit trying to get a divorce. I'm telling you that I'll never divorce you!"

"If you don't want to come over, don't worry. I can do it alone. I'll tell you once it's done." After he said this, He Jichen walked right around Ji Yi without a moment's hesitation and headed for the front floor.

"He Jichen, did you hear what I said? I said I don't want to get a divorce..." as Ji Yi said this, she chased after He Jichen.

He Jichen's footsteps didn't slow down in the slightest and sped up instead. In a short while, he put quite some distance between himself and Ji Yi.

"You want to divorce me? He Jichen, quit dreaming! Don't even think about it!" Ji Yi's walk turned into a run.

Just after she said this, the door slammed with a loud *bang!* The only person left was Ji Yi.

When Ji Yi reached the front door, she opened the door and ran down the hallway, but the silhouette of He Jichen had already disappeared.

Ji Yi knew that this time, she wouldn't be able to catch up to He Jichen. She was so angry that she kicked the hallway wall, but since she wasn't wearing any shoes, pain shot up from the soles of her feet.

She let out a cold breath and limped back to the room as she furiously slammed the door shut. At the thought of He Jichen's words before he left, she grabbed the cushion on the sofa and fiercely tossed it to the floor.

That night, He Jichen seriously p.i.s.sed off Ji Yi.

After He Jichen left, she grabbed her phone and called him several times. He didn't pick up, so she figured she might as well start to send him angry text messages.

He never replied, and the longer he ignored her, the angrier she got. It wasn't until she fussed about this till three in the morning that it finally forced her to fall asleep.

Ji Yi thought she wouldn't hear about He Jichen for a long time. She never imagined that she'd get a call about He Jichen bright and early the next morning.

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