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These weren't Qian Ge's best scenes from "Three Thousand Lunatics"! These were clearly the scenes of Ji Yi in "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

But the camera wasn't pointed at Ji Yi. It was pointed at a woman standing outside the set with her phone raised.

Even though that woman had her back to Ji Yi, she recognized her as her a.s.sistant Li Yaoyao right away.

Why was Li Yaoyao recording me while I was shooting my scenes?

Doubt flashed across Ji Yi's mind as the image on the big screen changed.

It was Li Yaoyao still, coming out of the hotel in the middle of the night. She stood at the hotel entrance, looking left and right a few times to confirm there was n.o.body around then she hurriedly ran over to the back of the fake mountain prop near the hotel. 

This video was probably shot by someone accidentally. After Li Yaoyao entered the fake mountain, there was no one in the picture and aside from the sounds of insects and birds, nothing else could be heard.

After about three seconds, a voice was heard. Other people probably couldn't tell who the voice belonged to, but Ji Yi could tell it was Li Yaoyao by just one word. "The videos of Ji Yi's scenes today are on this phone."

Behind the fake mountain, there was another person present aside from Li Yaoyao. That person was checking a video on the phone as the audience could hear the sound of the director cry "Action" every now and then. After about thirty seconds, another sound was heard. Even though that voice was very low, the voice was delicate and soft enough for everyone to recognize it as Qian Ge's voice. "Were you seen on your way here?"

"No, Qian Jie. Don't worry, I'm always very careful." If people couldn't tell who it was by the voice, then surely with Li Yaoyao addressing the stranger as "Qian Jie," everyone watching the awards now knew the person behind the fake mountain was Qian Ge.

The video on the big screen suddenly stopped.

The camera returned to the live awards ceremony where the male and female presenter looked evidently stunned. After hosting this show for almost ten years and witnessing all the drama throughout the years, the two of them were still shocked by this video.

With both hands on the mic, Qian Ge stood motionless with her head still turned towards the big screen.

There was a wall of silence below the stage.

This kind of silent, eerie atmosphere stayed like this for a whole minute before the people below the stage snapped back to their senses. They started to secretly whisper amongst themselves.

Since there wasn't a microphone around, bystanders couldn't hear what they were saying, but they could sense the commotion live at the scene.

The male presenter snapped back to his senses. He had never thought about how to de-escalate the situation, so he sounded a little stiff as he spoke: "That err, apologies. Perhaps we are experiencing some technical difficulties as we showed the wrong video."

The female presenter heard what the male presenter said and snapped back to reality then immediately tried to fix the situation. "Can our staff please play Qian Ge's best scenes from 'Three Thousand Lunatics'——"

As the female presenter's voice fell, another video played on the big screen.

They weren't sure what kind of technical difficulties were going on, but the video still wasn't of Qian Ge's best scenes from "Three Thousand Lunatics" - it was still the video they just played of Li Yaoyao.

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