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TL'ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by vsukio

A lively and boisterous discussion was being held within the cla.s.sroom. Coincidentally, the language teacher Feng Rui'an happened to be pa.s.sing by while carrying the Language examination papers.

Noticing a lot of movements going on inside the cla.s.sroom, Feng Rui'an pauses his footsteps, as he walks inside, "Teacher Liang, what's going on? Why is there such a big ruckus so early in the morning?"

"What else can I do! This student is too outrageous!" Liang Lihua furiously glared at Ye Wan Wan.

"Ai, Ye Wan Wan, you again…" helplessly looking at the girl who was seated at the corner, Feng Rui'an took the initiative to be the middleman, "Teacher Liang, don't get too angry, this girl also has her wrongs, but at this young age, to create something new and different, it's understandable to wear something with a bit of novelty.

Considering that her exam results are quite good, don't be so angry! I had just finished looking through her exam papers, her Language received full marks! Even her essay got full marks! Basically, she could be regarded as a modeled student!"

Hearing this, Liang Lihua suddenly became stunned, after interrupting Feng Rui'an's words, "What? Teacher Feng, did you just say you've recently checked Ye Wan Wan's papers?"

"That's right! Come take a look, it's exactly this paper…" Feng Rui'an complacently took out Ye Wan Wan's paper, which was placed at the uppermost stack of papers.

Liang Lihua looked through the whole exam paper from the beginning to the end, the answers were marvelously done to perfection, indeed as what Feng Rui'an had said, it can be considered modeled.

Liang Lihua complexion immediately become serious, in a deep voice, "Teacher Feng! I'm afraid there is a big problem! This time's examination questions have been leaked!"

Feng Rui'an stared blankly, with a grave expression, "Teacher Liang, you cannot make such an irresponsible remark! Our exam questions in every exam are top secret, how would it get leaked?"

Liang Lihua coldly snorted, pa.s.sing over Ye Wan Wan's report card to Feng Rui'an, "Teacher Feng, you'll find out after seeing this!"

Feng Rui'an took the report card, skimmed through it, and suddenly, a look of amazement flashed across his face.

In addition to having 0 points in Mathematics, unexpectedly, Ye Wan Wan had full marks in all the other subjects, she even placed 1st in cla.s.s!

In regard to Ye Wan Wan who was always first from the bottom, this is too unbelievable!

First of all, getting full marks in language was already an inconceivable matter…

"This…" Momentarily, even Feng Rui'an couldn't make any final conclusions.

"Although the notice letter of dismissal has already been made, she's still causing a big ruckus, if this kind of student continues to remain in Qing He, she'll plunge the whole Qing He into turmoil!" Liang Lihua threw severe insults towards Ye Wan Wan who was sitting in the last row. "Ye Wan Wan! You still haven't gotten lost yet?! Quickly follow me to the political education office! I'm telling you, this is no longer a simple matter of getting expelled anymore!"

The matters regarding the examination questions to be leaked will cause a huge implication!

"f.u.c.k! This was truly unexpected! This hideous freak actually has quite the skills! Surprisingly, she even went as far as to getting a hold of the exam questions!"

"Getting the exam questions while unexpectedly keeping for her own self! Serves her right!"

"This blockhead, who knows how many questions was done wrongly, she did something so obvious, is she so eager to let others find out?"

"This time, this hideous freak is truly doomed!"

In the corner of the last row by the window, a boy flipped open the cover of a book, as he glanced at the girl beside him, he slightly knitted his brows.

The matter has extended to this stage, but the girl's expression remained unchanged from beginning till the end. Her expression was calm and tranquil as if she was leisurely taking a stroll in a familiar courtyard, her gaze when looking at Liang Lihua had even contained a faint trace of ridicule.

Everyone was saying that Ye Wan Wan is a blockhead, he also felt that this woman is indeed stupid.

If she had truly gotten a hold of the exam questions, she should have kept it as a little secret, while completely concealing this matter from others.

"Idiot! Look at how you ended up this time!"

After hearing the disdainful snort coming from the boy beside her, Ye Wan Wan lazily darted a glance at him with her bright star-like eyes, "It's merely repeating the exam again, if it turned into a big deal… this young miss will, on the spot, have full marks thrown onto their faces again!"

Si Xia was momentarily dazed by those pair of bright eyes, not waiting to respond to what was said, his whole face had immediately darkened: "……."

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